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using global updated via command within document task

asked 10 months ago


I am just a month or so into using smart connect, and slowly getting all of my old integration manager jobs recreated, but am a little stuck.

i have a GP sales integration that i require a number of tasks to run as each sales document is successfully created in a batch. The data originates from our online store and is stored in SQL tables. the issue i have is with the passing of variables between tasks

i have a sql command task that finds the GP SOPNUMBE and writes it to a global when each document succeeds

this is followed by an email task that uses this SOPNUMBE variable alongside another ORIGNO variable.

the goal is to advise recipient the web order id, and the new GP order reference

the problem i am having is when the email task runs after the sql command task as a ‘document succeeds’ task; when run that this stage the global variable appears to be blank.

only if i run the email task as integration post task does it pick up the global variable and correctly insert into the email

For this particular job requires a separate email for each sales document generated, so cannot move to the ‘integration succeeds’ task list

is this a limitation ? can i not use a global set within same document task?

is there another mechanism for returning the SOP document the integration created? i did look at grabbing from logs, but only generates them on failure.

would a script work better than a command? i did think about a triggering a seperate integration to do all of this, but seems excessive.

many thanks in advance

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