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Using detail windows on forms

Daniel asked 6 years ago
I’m building a standalone solution and I have 1 form with a detail window.  Now the detail window only has 10 fields, so I want to link that to another form.  I was able to do that with a linked field but the data in the detail window of the main form doesn’t seemed to be linked with the other form because when I delete the main form’s record, the other form’s data doesn’t delete…
Can I link a detail grid to another form?
Thanks, Dan
Daniel replied 6 years ago

I guess another question is – Where is the unique ID for a detail line so you don’t have duplicates?

Lorren Zemke Staff answered 6 years ago
The Unique ID for a Form Detail Line tables, the EXT121X tables, are the Extender_Record_ID, Window_Number, Field_ID and LNITMSEQ fields. The Window Detail Lines, the EXT111X tables, are the same Extender_Record_ID, Window_Number, Field_ID and LNITMSEQ fields.

The window number would be a 0 in this instance.

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