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Using Calculated field to verify the same field across grouped data

asked 2 months ago

We import our sales orders via SmartConnect from an Excel spreadsheet.

I’m wondering if it is possible to create a calculated field with a where clause that looks at a field across all line items of the order, for example in the case of an order with 3 line items. We have a schedule code field at the line item level. We would like all line items to have the same code if one of the line items has a particular code, for example “x”.

Is this possible?

Shaun replied 2 months ago

I am not sure if a smartconnect function exists for this, but it is alot easier to this from the data end, the Excel sheet. You would create an extra column and use COUNTIF. For example if the schedule code was in the rage A1:A10 the formula would be
If x is found in the entire range of column A, “x” would show, otherwise it will be blank.

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