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User Login Failed – SmartConnect

SeanR asked 9 years ago
I'm having trouble with a scheduled map running from our SQL server.   When I looked at the event logs I see the following message:

SmartConnect Scheduler:  Could not run the scheduled map <mapname> you do not have access to the connectors required for this map.

I found an answer in the KB article section and added my AD SmartConnect user to SmartConnect and configured the user as an admin. Part of the solution was to see if I could log in to SmartConnect on the SQL Server using the AD SmartConnect user I have setup which is where my problem is.  I can successfully log into my SQL server with my AD SmartConnect user, but when I attempt to log into SmartConnect UI, I get the message:

"Your login failed.  Please contact your system administrator"

I've verified all persmissions on the SQL box (user is part of the administrators group, has full access to all install folders for SmartConnect).  Also verified user is setup correctly in SQL Server and is setup identical to my user login (I have no problems), but nothing seems to be working.  AD SmartConnect user can also log into SQL server with Windows Authentication without a problem.

Any idea what's causing this message to be thrown?

Best Answer
Hanson answered 9 years ago

Check to make sure the user shows up in the SmartConnect security window correctly. If the domain or name was pulled in incorrectly then it wouldn't match up when doing the check on login.

It should match what you would see if you ran a whoami command using the command line in windows with that user.

Other than that, this would be something that would probably be quicker to solve if you contacted our support team at and had them work with you directly.


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