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Use Sql validation errors as a source file

Dominic asked 5 years ago
I want to integrate Purchase orders form one company into sales orders in a differnet company.  One of my problem is taht items are not totally in sync, meaning the sales company might not have the corresponding item created.
I wish to integrate the sales order EVENTHOUGH some items might not pass the SQL validation.  Is there a way for me to generate the errrors in a map and use them as a filter in a second map?
Or is there a better way to do this? 
Ethan Sorenson Staff replied 5 years ago

Can I have you clarify a little bit for me?

The first map will import the sales order, but leave out items that don’t exist in the destination company.

Then a second map runs? What is the second map doing?

Dominic replied 5 years ago

Ok let me rephrase this in more simpler terms, I want to find items that provoke an error in the Sales order integration in order to filter them out in my Map. Not only do I want to filter them out, but I want a list of them and the reason of the error.

Dominic replied 5 years ago

I mean an external list (excel, csv.. whatever). People won’T go look at the map’s log because it’sa scheduled map so no one has to open smartconnect to run the map.

Is this request feasible or not? If not I just want to know the limitations so my client understands why it’s not feasible.

Lorren Zemke Staff answered 5 years ago
Use a post map Email Task and mark the Include Process Errors and Include Validation Errors. This will email the users an Excel file with that data that errored.
If you click on the Load Template button, we have a predefined template that will give an example email to send out the errors that occurred. You just need to mark the check boxes.

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