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Uploading special characters to Dynamics GP via Excel Add-in

Alejandro asked 3 years ago
I’m trying to upload customers name with special characters to Dynamics GP (like Ñ, á, é…) trough Excel Add-in but it replaces these characters with “?”.
In the eOne blogs there is an article (“Unicode Text File Source Using UTF-8 Encoding”) that explain how to solve a similar problem for file data sources. is there some equivalent solution for the Addin?
Thank you,
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 3 years ago
There is a known  limitation in the Excel add-in that it does not support Unicode Text. At this time you won’t be able to import a file with Unicode Text with the add-in. As an alternative option, you can use a folder data source, and just put your file in a folder and have SmartConnect read from the folder on a schedule.

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