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Uploading additional data

PdT asked 10 years ago
I added a few additional fields to a detailed form that already contains data.  I now want to import the additional data to add to the existing records but it seems that the import function does not want to import the new data.  When I open the form, the existing data is still there but none of the new data shows up.  Is there a way to do it?  It is way too much to go do it manually now.
Best Answer
Nicole Albertson answered 10 years ago
With the import functionality in Extender, it will not overwrite existing data, so if the import is detecting any existing data, it will not import the new data.  One option would be to use SmartConnect if you have it as SmartConnect will allow you to import over existing records. Otherwise, we may need to look at your exact setup to know if it can import into the new records.  If you want to look into that, you can contact the support team at

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