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nfpacct asked 8 years ago
We are moving GP 2010 to a new server. The new server will be installed with GP 2015 and we will run the upgrade process there.
 How do we upgrade Smart List Builder.
Lorren Zemke answered 8 years ago
Here is a link to the online documentation for upgrading SmartList Builder from 2010.
nfpacct replied 8 years ago

Thanks for you response. I did see the documentation, I do have 2 questions, however.
1/ Is Smartlist builder compatible with 2015 R2
2/ Since our upgrade also represents Server Migration – the documentation does not cover it.
We plan to install on the new server.
Smart list builder
(then copy the GP2010 db from the old server and run the upgrade. This process works for GP but will it also work for Smartlist builder.)

Lorren Zemke replied 8 years ago

Yes, the latest release of SmartList Builder will work with GP 2015 R2. All of the SLB tables are stored in the Dynamics System and Company Databases so they will come over when your server moves.


Steven Johnson answered 2 years ago
Nice thread! Thanks!

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