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Upgrade Troubleshooting

SBS Group asked 8 years ago
We upgraded from GP 2010 to GP 2015 on a new server.  The upgrade seemed to work okay, but we have several smartlists that were created using SLB in GP 2010 that are not returning any data (using the default favorite).  I’ve run all the SLB maintenance as well as the Grant script on both the company and Dynamics database.  The lists reference tables from Wennsoft.
I’ve searched this site as best I can (I can’t seem to restrict my searches to just posts about SLB), and looked at the manual, but cannot find any documentation on how to troubleshoot lists that stop working after an upgrade.  Are there any tips, or am I just looking at recreating all these lists?
Mark Anderson Staff answered 8 years ago
Do you have other SmartLists that do not reference WennSoft data? If so, are those working? If the only the SmartLists not working reference WennSoft tables, there is something changed in the upgrade which is off, maybe on a table join or something.  We recommend doing a SQL trace to see the SQL code being generated on these SmartLists and review any errors generated to determine what is happening.

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