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Upgrade to SmartConnect 2013 text file source issue

Jason asked 9 years ago
Hello, We have just completed an upgrade from SmartConnect 2012 to SmartConnect 2013 for a client. Testing the 2013 version has uncovered an issue with maps that refer to CSV text files as the source. One integration uses a folder source and integrates all CSV files in the folder. Another integration integrates a single CSV file. In both cases, the source record count is doubled and each source line item is being integrated twice. I have tried creating schema files and grouping the source data, but that has not worked. The same source file shows with the proper number of source records when using the old SmartConnect version. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help. Regards, Jason
Jason replied 9 years ago

Update: all of the maps that are doubling the source record count have a ‘Microsoft SQL Stored Procedure’ as the destination. Another map that uses a CSV text file as the source and GP as the destination is not doubling up the source record count.

Chris replied 9 years ago

If you create a new map that matches the setup of the existing ones does it have the same issue, or is it only the upgraded maps that are exhibiting that behavior?


Best Answer
Jason answered 9 years ago
Thanks very much Chris. Recreating the map has resolved the issue. The newly created map does not double up the source lines. There seems to be an upgrade issue with the original maps; however, we now have a path forward. Thanks again.

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