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Upgrade to SC 2013 on new server asked 9 years ago
Hi All,

We are performing an upgrade from GP2010 to GP 2013 in a test environment and installing SmartConnect on the new server as well.

I've read through the upgrade instructions, but I'm not sure they apply specifically to my scenario.  I restored the SmartConnect DB from the current GP2010 server to the new instance of SQL we are running on the new GP2013 server and ran the setup for SC 2013, specifying the new SQL instance the SC DB was restored to.

The install completed successfully, but when I ran eOne.SmartConnect.Upgrade.exe and specified the new SQL instance, i got the message 'Could not connect to the SQL Server'.

I'd imagine this has something to do with the SQL SC login I specified during install?

Anyone know how I might resolve this or advise an alternate way of performing this type of upgrade?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. replied 9 years ago

Has anyone performed this type of migration before?  Any ideas what I might try?

Lorren replied 9 years ago

You don't have to run the Upgrade.exe when going from SC 2010 to SC 2013.

Just go into Smart Connect and run System Maintenance.


Best Answer answered 9 years ago
I needed to upgrade a customer on SC 2010 to SC 2013, which involved a new SQL server.  Restoring the Smartconnect DB to a new server and editing tables within is not supported method.  All I needed to do was   a new  install of Smartconnect 2013 on the new SQL Server (just follow the installation instructions).  Then from the existing SC 2010 version I exported all of the maps and transalation tables and then imported them into the 2013 instance.  Once that was done, I uninstalled Smartconnect from my terminal servers and did a fresh client install of SC 2013.   Obviously, you need to test your integrations ,as paths to your data sources may have changed, tasks within the maps may have static text for SQL Server, username and password, and yes, you do need to set up your uers for smartconnect security, so there is some testing.  I thought the process would be a nightmare, but it worked very nicely.
Luis Ruiz replied 8 years ago

Hi Lorren,

I am installing GP2013 on a new machine for testing the upgrade from V10 to GP2013.
Based on what I read, what I need to do is just to install the 10.00.51 SC Version and then Run System Maintenance?  



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