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Upgrade to GP 2013 Issues

RConnolly asked 10 years ago
Hi, I am encountering 2 issues after upgrading frpm GP 2010 SP3 to GP 2013 SP1. The 1st issue is that the Extender fields in the existing Smart Lists are blank even though there is data in the SOP Trx Extender WindowsFields. Second, when I click the Additional Menu in SOP Trx Entry, I'll see the Extender Windows listed twice, doesn't occur all the time though.Thank you in advance for any guidance. Ryan replied 10 years ago

I also have a client encountering the same issues.  I had to recreate the views behind the scenes to get data displayed on custom Crystal reports.  The tables seem to have changed.

But no resolution yet on the duplicate menu items on the Additional window.

Nicole Albertson replied 10 years ago

With the SmartList fields, how are those being added to SmartList?  Is it using the SmartList options in Extender or using SmartList Builder?  If it is SmartList Builder, is it using the Extender Resources, a SQL View, etc? 

With the menu, there is actually a problem report that was there in 2010 as well where if you switch Users in GP the menus get duplicated.  Is this possibly what is going on in your environment?  We hope to get it fixed, but it is an outstanding issue at the moment.


Ryan Connolly replied 10 years ago

Nicole, the fields are being added in SmartList Builder using Extender Resources. I can find out if the user is switching users when the problem with the duplicated menus occurs.  Thank you, Ryan

Nicole Albertson replied 10 years ago

With the fields in SmartList Builder, can you capture a trace or DexSQL.log and see if it is pulling from the new 2013 tables?  There is an issue with SmartList Builder that we are waiting for the next hotfix/tax update/service pack from Microsoft to resolve where it pulls from the old tables instead of the new.  The workaround is to create an Extender View and then pull that into SmartList Builder.


Kirk Livermont replied 10 years ago

Are there any other workarounds for this issue? I am encountering the same thing with GP 2013 sp1. Creating the extender view doesn't resolve the issue. So far I have created a new extender view linked to a single extender window, granted table security, and added the view to my smartlist through Smartlist Builder.

Nicole replied 10 years ago

With the Views, that should allow the data to come through. If that is not working, the SQL select statement the SmartList is running would need to be looked into.  You can find this statement in a SQL Profiler Trace or a DexSQL.log.  With that, you can see if it is calling it incorrectly, etc.  Also, I am not sure if you are adding it to a SLB setup with other tables or by itself.  If it is with other tables, can you add the view to one by itself to see if it is the view or the table linking?

Kirk Livermont replied 10 years ago

Hi Nicole,
Thank you for your response.

I created a dexsql log and it seems there is a problem with one of the stored procedures the smartlist is attempting to call. The following errors occured several times in the log.
Date: 07/19/2013  Time: 7:52:09
SQLSTATE:(37000) Native Err:(2812) stmt(44437864):*/
[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]Could not find stored procedure 'DYNAMICS.dbo.zDP_SLB10100SS_1'.*/
/*  Date: 07/19/2013  Time: 7:52:09
SQLSTATE:(00000) Native Err:(2812) stmt(44437864):*/
/*  Date: 07/19/2013  Time: 7:52:09
SQLSTATE:(00000) Native Err:(2812) status(58):*/

Based on this information would it be possible to let me know which stored procedure I should drop and recreate to fix this?


Nicole replied 10 years ago

You can recreate the Dexterity Stored Procedures for SmartList Builder by going to Microsoft Dynamics GP – Maintenance – SQL.  Select the Dynamics database and the product of SmartList Builder.  Then select all of the objects there and mark the Drop Auto Procedures and Create Auto Procedures.  Once you have that all selected, click Process and it will recreate the procs.  I would recommend a backup of the GP databases just to be safe.

You may still see some of these missing proc errors in the DexSQL.log as that is common.  We are looking for a select top 1000 type of statement to see what SmartList is running.  The 1000 may change if you have changed the default number of records to return.

It appears to be a SmartList Builder report that you are running.  If that is the case, how were the Extender objects added to SmartList Builder.  Did you add the Window/Form resource or the Extender tables?

. replied 10 years ago

We just upgraded a client to GP 2013 yesterday that has extender and it seems that the tables where the extender data was stored has moved.  We have SQL views created pulling data from different companies out of EXT00100, EXT00101, EXT00103 and there is nothing in any of those tables now.  However, inside of GP on the Additional window we see data, so it must be in a different table.  Does anyone know if these tables were changed? replied 10 years ago

It appears the tables changed substantially, so I think I know where they went, but I have a window that was referencing the EXT40102 table which gave the List values for a record.  Does anyone know what that table is now in GP 2013?

Best Answer
Nicole answered 10 years ago

We actually have released a document that outlines all of the Extender 2013 tables along with how they link up to the Extender 2010 ones.   You can find it on the Extender downloads page or at the following link.

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