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Upgrade GP – upgrade SmartConnect – cannot run maintenance

Patty asked 5 years ago
We are upgrading GP on a new server.  Many of the old GP databases are not created in the new environment.  The SmartConnect maintenance will not run because it is trying to install the stored procedure to company databases that do not exist.  It does not continue thru the rest of the company databases that do exist.  The GP nodes are not in nodes maintenance.
Do we need to delete the old records out of a table in GP because they are retired?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
Yes you do.  Or you could create the databases as empty as I don’t think SC looks at anything there other than they exist.
But the Node Maintenance records won’t be created until the maintenance finishes successfully and right now I assume that it is blowing up and exiting due to the database error.

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