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Upgrade data lost

Mohammed asked 8 years ago

We’re a Silver Microsoft partner  support Dynamics GP
At one of our client we have upgraded their GP from 2010 to GP 2013 and installed the extender and did the bellow steps:
  1. Install Extender 2013 on GP2013 SP2 with license key.
  2. Then upgraded the extender using: Microsoft Dynamics >> Tools >> Extender >> Upgrade Extender, to see all forms , windows and views on old version in Extender.
  3. All windows and forms have been appeared in the new solution, but we had a problem that all previous data was missed. So how we can restore entered data in old version the new one. The bellow screenshots explain the problem.
Can anyone help me ?

HareshMelwani replied 8 years ago

We are having the same problem. Apparently the Extender upgrade process changes the table structure and this causes the data loss. Support from eOne is almost non-extent even though the issue is caused by their upgrade process. Have you recovered the data? If so, please let me know how you did it. Thanks.

Best Answer
Nicole answered 8 years ago
You are correct, the Extender update to 2013 does change a lot of the table structures. This is in an effort to increase performance and allow for new features to be added to Extender. From what I understand, on this update, you have been working with our support team and they have found that the update is failing because of table structure/data issues in the company database on the version you are updating from. Once the table issues are fixed, hopefully the update will proceed without issue. I believe you are working through it with them, but if not, please let us know.
Kim replied 8 years ago

I too am having much difficulty attempting to upgrade a client from GP10 to the latest release of GP2013. There is very little consistency with the issues I am experiencing, it appeared for a while that the problem could be resolved by deleting and then re-creating the views. Upon further review it seems that some data is also lost when the tables are upgraded. In most cases I could write a SQL script to verify and possibly correct the issues but the new table structures are so confusing that I have not been able to successfully map the fields needed to import data into the Extender tables, even after reviewing the table cross reference documentation.

Over the weekend I attempted to perform a roll out to the new server environment but after much wasted time and effort had to revert back to the current version until the data issues can be resolved.

At this point I need some assistance from your tech support team. Can you please let know the best way to contact someone and open a case to get these issues resolved?

Thanks in advance.

Nicole answered 8 years ago
We are in the process of final testing a new build that will try to help you find the data issues that would cause the update to just stop bringing the data over all together. It will check for the issues with the keys on Windows and tell you what they are and make you correct them before it will start the update. It will not find all the data issues that could be present as there are some that don’t stop the update from processing, so we are also working on releasing scripts to find any other missing data that would not come over in the update. We don’t have this all ready to release, but are close. If you want to e-mail the support team at, we can certainly get you the new build that will help. We don’t have the scripts complete, but can give you an idea of what we are searching for.
@GP_Beat replied 7 years ago

Hi Nicole,
Has eOne come up with a solution to the Extender upgrade issue ? We just upgraded our system from GP2010R2 to 2013R2 and like others here in the thread, lost all our Extender objects in the upgrade.. When checking the tables associated with Extender, they are all empty.. I had an issue with Extender which was looping constantly after every login saying that it needed to completed the upgrade and could only get rid of that message after running a post-upgrade script from eOne. Allas my data is still lost and I don’t want to recreate all the Extender objects we had in GP2010.
I still have access to the GP2010 server, since we moved to a whole new system, but before attempting to Export them from the old one and try importing them in the new server, I wanted to know if there is a more quicker way to recover all the objects.
Thanks for your help.

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