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Upgrade and Server Migration

nfp skc asked 5 years ago
Our existing server is running GP2013 with Smartlist Builder.  We are moving to a new server and GP will be upgraded to GP2016R2. Can you please provide documentation for moving and upgrading Smartlist builder.Thanks 
Nicole Albertson Staff answered 5 years ago
I am not sure if you are moving the SQL Server or the server you have the code installed on for GP or if it is the same server, so will try to outline it as best I can.  The data will move with the steps Microsoft has to move your GP data from one SQL Server to another.  There isn’t anything additional you have to do on the data side.  If you are using Excel Report Builder, you will want to make sure you move your SQL Logins to the new server as well.  For the GP code, you will just want to install SmartList Builder on that new server to get the code for it installed into GP.  If you are using the Excel Reports, the only other thing you might need to move is the folders when you are storing those Excel Reports.
As far as updating SmartList Builder, you can follow the steps in our SmartList Builder 2016 manual that can be found here:
Let us know if you need anything further.
nfp skc replied 5 years ago

It is a new sql server as well. I downloaded the Smartlist builder 2016 from the website – but the registration key is not working.
The GP migration did carry over the Key from GP 2013 which is on our existing server. Is there a separate key for Smartlist 2016?

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