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Upgrade 18.4 issue

asked 1 month ago

Just installed the year end tax update for GP which upgraded the version from GP 18.2 to GP 18.4. Downloaded and installed smart list builder 18.4.  Upon launching GP as Administrator and then logging in as sa – we are still getting a message that “The version of Smartlist Builder you have installed is older then the current version of microsoft dynamics GP.  Not sure why GP is not recognizing the new SLB Build. I installed it in the Microsoft Dynamics Folder.


Nicole Albertson Staff answered 2 weeks ago

If you take a look at the SmartList Builder registration window, what does it show for the Installed Version and the Registered Version?  If it isn’t showing the Installed Version as 18.04, then the installation didn’t go properly.  After you run the installer, please make sure that the slbuild.cnk file is in the same exact folder as the Dynamics.dic file.  If it isn’t, the installer was not pointed to the correct location.  It should be pointed at the folder that the Dynamics.dic exists in.  If the Installed Version is 18.04, but the Registered Version is not, then just hit the Save button on the registration window to register it.



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