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Updating/Importing v10 Extender Resources into vGP2015

Vernon Loveless asked 7 years ago
 During a customer upgrade from version 10 to GP2015, the client omitted upgrading the Extender Resources.  I have an export of the Extender Resources from version 10.  Is there any way to upgrade them to version GP2015 without doing a actual upgrade?  I have imported them into a working version of 10 and GP2010, but when I try to import them into GP2013 I am told it is a different version.
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 7 years ago
You can’t export from an older version of Extender and import into a newer version, you have to go through the upgrade. This process also upgrades the data as well, so currently, if they haven’t done the upgrade, their old data won’t display in Extender. Any new data will display because it’s actually in the new table structure.
Here’s a link to the upgrade documentation.
There is no fast and quick workaround to this process. The best bet may be to go back to 10 and go through the upgrade steps.

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