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Updating Variable Allocation Accounts

tminor asked 10 years ago
When running a mapping that updates existing variable allocation accounts, I receive an error stating that an account already exists.  I do have UPDATE EXISTING checked in the mapping and based on the documentation, the mapping should update the existing accounts with the new information.  Is there some tweak that needs occurr to make this work?  I am trying to add an additional distribution and break down account to an existing variable allocation account.
Chris replied 10 years ago

One thing you can check is to send the map to file and open up one of the xml files it generates. You should see a field inside there that has a tag of UpdateIfExists and the value inside of that should be 1.

That would ensure that we are actually passing the update flag through. Which node are you mapping for the process as there is the main create update account node and then there is also a create variable allocation account node. I have not ran through an allocation account map for a while so I will have to check which one should be used for updates unless someone else on here can chip in before then.


tminor replied 10 years ago

I checked the updateifexists flag and it is set to 1.  I have mapped the Create/Update Account and Add Variable Allocation Detail nodes. 

Best Answer
Lorren answered 10 years ago

I did some checking with Microsoft and the updateifexists flag is not used in that procedure.  Basically it has to be a new account.

You can submit an issue to Microsoft for them to fix that procedure or we could write a custom node using Node builder that would accomplish the same functionality. replied 10 years ago

That creates a problem for me….it works in Integration Manager.

Lorren replied 10 years ago

That would be because they use a macro and Microsoft didn't create the eConnect the procedure to work the same. replied 10 years ago

Where did you find this info…online?

Chris replied 10 years ago

We ran through a couple SQL traces with the flag set and not set and it is being passed into the procedure however the statement always tries to insert rather than ever run through an update statement. We then asked someone with access to it whether that was the case or not and they were able to confirm the procedure doesn't actually use the update if exists parameter, the steps Lorren gave above are still your options now.


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