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updating the Batch Posting date on the payables transaction import

Lewis asked 5 years ago
I have a payables transaction import that creates a batch, which can be added to…  I’m setting the Posting date for the current date, which works… 
I would like to update existing batches to have the current date for the posting date.  right now the date does not change after the batch was created. 
I’ve also selected the checkbox “update existing” and the posting date is set as a calculation of “current date” in the “Create payables transaction” node. 
Is there another place that needs to be altered to update the batch posting date for existing batches? 
Thank you
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
By default, if you integrate a transaction using eConnect and the batch does not exist, it will create the batch for you.  However it typically (always?) uses the Document Date for the GL Posting Date.
After that, the batch total and count is just incremented.
So from a SmartConnect/eConnect point of view you could:
1. Create the batch by hand before you integrate the batch and then set whatever gl posting date you like
2. add the “create batch” node to your map by modifying the map and adding it using Node Maintence
3. After the map has finished executing, run an ‘after batch success’ script task and update the value directly in SQL like this guy is attempting
Script to update GL Posting Date on Receivable Transactions

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