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Updating Project Accounting Via Payables

johnellis asked 8 years ago
Hello: A GP 2010 customer wants to import a payables transaction from an Excel spreadsheet and have two columns from this spreadsheet update the corresponding project in Project Accounting. Would Node Builder need to be used to add the Project Accounting node(s) for importing the data into the corresponding table(s) of Project Accounting, or can Node Maintenance simply be used to add the nodes to the payables transaction import map? John
Best Answer
Patrick answered 8 years ago
John, What kind of transaction were you thinking of updating the Project Account connection with? Hypothetically, you could use Node Maintenance and add an Existing Node and put your project information into that. But I’m curious how that would tie the PM Transaction to project but again that would depend on what kind of transaction you were going to create. But as you mention the outstand Project (and I presume Cost Category ID), which would tie natively into the POP node – wouldn’t it be easier to integrate to POP? It might be overkill depending if all you need is an invoice for $500 but if you bring in a POP document with the one line (even if for a non-iv item) you’d probably be able to do this fairly easily. But of course after you get in the PO then you have to receive, etc so there is a bit more that goes with using a PO instead of a PM Trx. patrick
johnellis replied 8 years ago

POP has absolutely nothing to do with this. As I said in the title and toward the end of my posting, this is GP Payables Management.

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