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Updating Only the Mapped Fields

Jothikrishnan Narasimmaraj asked 3 years ago
We are integrating 3rd party HR system to GP. GP already has employee info. All new employees and any updates to existing employees will now come from HR application. I mapped the key fields but there are some fields which are not available in the new system for eg Workers comp code, SUTA State etc. which existing employee already have in GP and For new emps, it will be directly updated in GP. 
Now when I use the map to update the existing records, it wipes off those data that are not mapped. Is there a workaround for this?
Also, integration updates everything except address info including phone numbers. While the processed XML has all those data. Any reason why it wont update? Please advise
Patrick Roth Staff answered 3 years ago
Is there a workaround for this?”

Yes – map them.  When eConnect updates a document (which here means a master record), it doesn’t just “update the fields you have mapped”.  Instead it re-creates the document (again here the employee record) again with the data that you provide or what defaults.

So in this case, fields that aren’t mapped are re-defaulted for you – which in the case of Workers COMP, Suta, etc  those are defaulting in blank since there isn’t a default.  If you don’t have that information in the source, the easiest way to resolve this is to use a multi-data source map.  Your source is the existing data you have.  The 2nd source is a SQL query on the employee table – UPR00100 I think it is.
This will join together to have all of the mapped information for your Existing employees.  Then you just map all the fields that you want to make sure remain the same (which I assume is really about everything).  New employees won’t have that join info and would be blank which you said will hand key going forward.  Existing ones would have data and thus get re-updated with that same info (ie won’t change).
Also, integration updates everything except address info including phone numbers.”
I just recently wasn’t aware of this.  It looks like the “employee” node just creates it but never updates that information.
Instead you need a different node:
You can use the SC Node Maintenance to add the “Employee Address” node to the Employee node and then run it in one map.
Or leave as separate maps and run separately – however you want.
This would get your address & phone info updated as you need it.
Jothikrishnan Narasimmaraj replied 3 years ago

Thank you so much as always, Pat. I have never used multidata source option but I’m going to look into that. Really appreciate your help and quick response even though it is a forum. Thank you again.

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