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Updating accounts and User defined fields on item

Matt Stoffel asked 4 years ago
I get the error   “Cannot insert the value NULL into column ‘LISTPRCE’, table IV00105” . I am just trying to update (and not anything on IV00105), not insert and we do not use multicurrency, 
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 4 years ago
Microsoft eConnect automatically tries to add to the IV00105 table and it is expecting that you have provided some List Price value. 
The first thing to check is that you have absolutely no records in the IV00105 and CM00100 that have a Currency ID. If there is one record in either table with a currency id then eConnect believes that Multi-Currency is enabled since they are unable to check registration keys.
I believe your other option is to provide the List Price as part of your update process.
Matt Stoffel answered 4 years ago
OK, thank you.

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