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update SmartConnect Table

Vijay asked 8 years ago
Hi, I have a problem in updating a column NextRunDateTime in ScheduleMaster table of SmartConnect database using SQL Command Task. Actually, I need to postpone the schedule date & time to next day if map fails. So I wrote a SQL Command on map fail task as: UPDATE ScheduleMaster SET NextRunDateTime=CONVERT(char(10), getdate()+1, 126)+' 09:00:00.000' WHERE ScheduleMasterId='<<MyMapIDname>>' It did not get updated if schedule runs automatically as per scheduled. But I run map manually, it updates the record perfectly in table. I would like to know why itself is not updating when map starts as scheduled automatically. Kindly help me out.
patrick replied 8 years ago


thanks for the question.

You had opened a support case for this and we took a look.

We found that the issue is that the tsql script worked fine. But the issue is that after you are Map task runs and updated the ScheduleMaster, then the eOne Scheduler comes behind it and sets it to the next scheduled time overwriting your own.

You were able to get around it by updating it in a different map.

The only solution I can see otherwise is to use a db trigger on the table itself and have it reset the datetime to whatever you need it to be since that would run just after the scheduler set it to the next expected datetime.

Best Answer
patrick answered 8 years ago
should have marked that as the solution.

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