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Update Project Fees

Jennifer asked 5 years ago
When we are run the mapping to update project fees, a pop-up window in GP asks ” Schedule already exist for fee. Modifying the Fee Amount would recreate the schedule records. Continue?” How do we get around this window so the mapping will be successful, or how can we integrate an answer “Yes” for this question through SmartConnect?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
If you are running a SmartConnect map to do anything – it is 100% impossible that you would get a “pop-up window in GP comes up”.
The reason is that SmartConnect uses eConnect for the GP destination which is 100% stored procedure based and thus wouldn’t pop up any GP messages.  Indeed you wouldn’t need GP installed on that machine running the map at all since it does its work at the db level.
Because of that there is no way to use SmartConnect to suppress any GP message you are running into.
Now what you are saying to me suggests Microsoft GP Integration Manager since it DOES run integrations at the GP UI level and you COULD get messages popping up during this process (which IM would catch and dismiss and fail the integration).
If that isn’t an option of IM, then maybe you could make it work by using VBA and a Window_BeforeModalDialog() event.
David gives an example of that at the bottom of this blog post:

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