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Update Project Fee

Tanya asked 5 years ago
I am trying to add a line to the fee schedule and it continues to error and say the project fee amount does not total.  I have tried to update the field via sql and it totals, but i can’t figure out what field it is looking for.  Has anyone else used SmartConnect to import and update fees?  I have added Update Existing to the node, but that did not help either.
Lorren Zemke answered 5 years ago
eConnect is looking that PA00401 table to find the Total Fee Amount (PAFeeAmount) and making sure the line you are adding to the schedule (PAFeeAmount of PA12103) plus any current lines is not more than that.
There is no updating of an existing Schedule Fee line so if this would end up as a duplicate Fee Schedule line, it will get the above error first.
Tanya Henderson answered 5 years ago
Why would eConnect look at the PA00401 table which is the Fee Master table and this is not assigned to a project.
The tables I think it should be looking at would be:
PA00402 PA Fee Total Master,  PA02101  PA Fee Master,  PA05200  PA Fee Schedule Master
Thanks,  Tanya
Lorren Zemke replied 5 years ago

Sorry Tanya, but that would be a question for Microsoft.

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