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Update if Exists or Update Existing

Mark asked 7 years ago
My SmartConnect Version is:
I am trying to figure out the difference between the Flag Update Existing and the Field Update if Exists.
If I take them at face value they both have to be set to update an existing record without getting an error.

  • Are they to be used in conjunction?

  • Do they do the same thing?

  • Does one cancel the other out?

  • If they are the same is one depreciated in newer version?

The documentation says:
Update if Exists – If the record exists, and update if exists is not checked, an error is returned to the user. If update if exists is checked see processing updates.
Update Existing – selecting the Update existing checkbox will allow records already in the destination data store to be over-written by records coming through SmartConnect. If this option is not selected, and the record to be written to the destination already exists, document processing for that record will fail.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
For a Dynamics GP destination, all eConnect nodes have an UpdateIfExists flag.  In the SC UI, we use the words “Update if exists” as a destination column.
For the checkbox “update existing”, that is really just shortcut that if you check/uncheck that checkbox – SC will update the “update if exists” destination column to TRUE/FALSE.
Personally I don’t use the checkbox and always set the  destination column manually to either TRUE/FALSE or set to a local constant to 1/0.

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