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Update Extender Standard to Extender Enterprise

Charles asked 8 years ago
The company has Extender Standard 12.00.0088 installed.  They purchased Extender Enterprise. 
To implement Extender Enterprise, I believe these are the steps required but am looking for confirmation:
1. Remove Extender from DYNAMICS.SET
2. Remove the existing dictionaries
3. Install the updated Extender version for GP 2013 SP2 (they are not on R2 so I’ve got build 0102)
4. Enter the new registration keys
I could not find specific steps on updating Standard to Enterprise on the same version of GP so I needed to verify.
Lorren answered 8 years ago
If they are on Extender 2013 then they only need new registration keys.
If they are on an earlier release then you can follow these steps.

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