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Florence asked 9 years ago
Hi guys

I'm testing this software for a couple of days now. I'm almost done testing but I have a problem with the feature "update existing". Here is what I'm doing:

1- creating a contract
2- creating projects (many)
3- creating budget for every projects

This is working just awesomely. My problem is: A project has to be created with status "estimate" when I want to have it "open". But GP doesn't allow to have something else than "estimate" on creation. So I thought I could run the map twice and the second time, I could change to update to "open".
Of course, this is not working failing cuz of "duplicate contract" or "duplicate project number" even if the check box "update exising" is checked.

In fact, every try I did failed with this feature. Could someone teach me the proper way to use the update option? It could be a very useful and valuable feature… if only I found the way to use it without those "duplicate" errors. 🙁

Thanks everyone!

Ankur replied 9 years ago

Hi Florence,

Once you check the box to "update existing" save the map. open the map again and double click the mapping and on your destination columns look for the entry called "Update If Exists" and make sure that is it set to TRUE.


Best Answer
Lorren answered 9 years ago

Not every object in eConnect has the capability to update existing data.  It depends on the development team at Microsoft.  If there is no "Update If Exists" column in the destination for the node then the base business logic does not allow an update to existing data.

The option would be to write a Task on Document Success in Smart Connect to update the record using SQL or C#/VB.NET.

Florence replied 9 years ago

Hi guys,
Thanks for your replies.

So no, all stuff I've tested so far, I never have this column appearing. If one of you could tell me an example of a working update (customers, adress, anything I could actually test to make sure I'm doing it right?). Would be appreciated.

Else, I was looking at C# Lorren. But where do you write your tasks? All I found is this "additionnal column".
EDIT: Nevermind, I found it. Totally never seen this feature. How blind I am!!! 🙂 I'll dig further on this, could actually be very useful to solve many problems.

Gonna keep trying. I WANT to see this "update existing" feature working! But so far, SmartConnect looks great and a very interesting product for us.

Many thanks guys for your help. Much appreciated! 🙂

Best regards,

Tanya Henderson answered 4 years ago
I just reviewed the eConnect guide and it said this field was for a future release on the Project Budget node.  I added the field anyway called UpdateExisting and set it as a Local Constant = 1 and it worked.
Thank you for the information!

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