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Update Existing Record in Dymanics CRM

Mike asked 3 years ago
I am trying to update Sales Order records in CRM from Navision and have the ‘update existing’ box checked in SmartConnect.  I get a duplicate record detected error.  When I turn off duplicate detection in CRM the record gets created.  I just want to update a couple of fields on the sales order.  How can this be accomplished in SmartConnect.
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 2 years ago
When you check the ‘Update Existing’ box, SmartConnect will check if a record already exists based on your destination grouping. So if on your header mapping you group on Order number if there are two existing orders with that number you will receive the duplicate error.

If you group the line on the product and Order entity lookup, then you will see the error if the order already has more than 1 line with that product.
The final option is that someone has added custom duplicate detection rules to the Sales Order destination that are more strict than the standard ones and are causing issues. You can check for this in CRM. 

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