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Uninstall Extender 11 tables

Warren Tenney asked 8 years ago
I am trying to install Extender 2013 (12.00.0102) on a GP2013 demo system that was upgraded from GP2010.  MS Extender was installed in 2010 but was not included in the database upgrade to 2013.  Now when I run GP with Extender installed I get a message that the product is at a different version than the database version.  How can I remove the old Extender tables so that the newer version can install? 
David answered 7 years ago
That error appears when their is version data in the DU000020 and DB_Upgrade tables about Extender, so they must have had the Microsoft version of Extender installed.  The eOne version does not use those tables, however if a product finds an entry in those tables that conflicts with the dictionary version, you will get that error.  
All you need to do to get in is remove the entries in the DU000020 and DB_Upgrade tables.  
Run the following query against your DYNAMICS database.  
Now you will be able to get into GP.  
If you don’t need any of the objects and data that was created Extender 2010 you can drop and recreate all the Extender tables to start fresh.  
Login to GP as the sa user.  Then go to Microsoft Dynamics GP – Maintenance – SQL.  
Change the database to your company database.  
Change the product to Extender.  
Highlight ALL the tables and then check the boxes on the right that say “Drop Table”, “Create Table”, “Drop Auto Procedure”, and “Create Auto Procedure”
Hit the process button.  
Do the same in the other companies as long as you do not need to save any of the objects or data that was created in a previous version of Extender.  

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