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Unhelpful error when fields are not found in source data

Luke asked 4 years ago
I’ve been frustrated for some time that some errors that occur when trying to run a map from within the smartconnect application result in the configuration of one or more map node being wiped out.  This has caused hours upon hours of wasted time in rebuilding maps. 
Today I’m dealing with similar issues and I see this error message and I realize users have probably “told” smartconnect to do this dozens of times due to not paying close enough attention to obscure error messages:
The following fields were mapped in node: Analytics Distribution but are no longer available in the source data
(a bunch of fields)
You must correct these mappings before saving.
To automatically clear these mappings and save the map click YES.
To fix these mappings manually click NO.
The above message actually goes on for half a screen because in most cases it lists all nodes and all fields used by the map.  So it’s a pretty long and obtuse message (of course all of the fields are actually present in the source data, but that’s an issue for another day).
In the context of the above mentioned headaches, I cannot overstate how problematic the (default) “yes” option is in this message.  Reading more closely, I would paraphrase this: “If you would like to throw the baby out with the bath water click yes, if you would like to try to find and fix the issue click no.”
Why is this even an option?  With existing maps, I can’t think of one scenario where I would like everything cleared.  That’s not even that helpful of a shortcut if it is what I want to do, because it would take less than 5 seconds to do manually.

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