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Unexpected rounding of SOP transactions in GP

Lucy Choplin asked 7 years ago
I’m creating a map in SmartConnect for SOP Transactions in GP.  I’m using the Create Sales Transaction and the Add line items node.  In the Add Line Items, I have the quantity and unit price mapped from the source data.  And I have the default extended price checkbox marked as true.  Unfortunately the extended price is rounding to whole dollars and not calculating the cents. 
As anyone seen this before or have any suggestions of what might cause this?
Thank you
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 7 years ago
With the Default Extended Price checkbox marked, that calculation is actually performed within eConnect, the programming behind that was written by Microsoft. This would not be anything we can control within SmartConnect. It could be a setting somewhere in Dynamics GP that is doing the calculation differently than expected.
One thing that you can do, is change the destination of the map to Dynamics GP – File. This will create an XML file of the data that is being sent to eConnect. Make sure the right decimal places exist on the Quantity and Unit Price.

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