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Unable to See GP Nodes After a New Install

John asked 5 years ago
John replied 5 years ago

We are provisioning a new Virtual server and have installed SmartConnect Ver with GP Connector for GP 2015. We are unable to see GP nodes in Node Maint. We have followed all of the install instructions but still cannot see the Nodes

Lorren Zemke Staff answered 5 years ago
John, Make sure you have setup the Dynamics GP Connector and then run System Maintenance
John answered 5 years ago
Have done that still no nodes
John answered 5 years ago
Maintenance Completed.
Real-Time Data Sources Deregistered.
Deregistering Real-Time Data Sources…
Custom Sql Update Completed.
Update Custom Sql.
SmartConnect Script Namespaces Installed.
Installing SmartConnect Script Namespaces…
SmartConnect Templates Installed.
Installing SmartConnect Templates…
SmartConnect Date Formats Installed.
Installing SmartConnect Date Formats…
SmartConnect Global Variables Installed.
Installing SmartConnect Global Variables…
SmartConnect Constants Installed.
Installing SmartConnect Constants…
SmartConnect Messages Installed.
Installing SmartConnect Messages…
SmartConnect Connectors Installed.
Microsoft Dynamics Gp Real-Time Datasources Upgraded.
Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics Gp Real-Time Datasources…
Microsoft Dynamics Gp Database Updated.
Error: Microsoft Dynamics Gp- Cannot open database “TEST3” requested by the login. The login failed.
Login failed for user ‘sa’.
Updating Microsoft Dynamics Gp Database…
Updating Generic Connector…
Installing SmartConnect Connectors…
SmartConnect Installed…
Installing SmartConnect…
Ethan Sorenson Staff replied 5 years ago


In system maintenance it says “Login failed for user ‘sa’” This is either wrong credentials for the sa user, or the Dynamics GP databases it is looking for aren’t available. The error also says, “Cannot open database “TEST3” requested by the login.” Is this database on the server you are referencing? If it isn’t supposed to be there then you will need to remove it from the SY01500 table. This Article walks through the steps to remove a database that no longer exists.

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