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Unable to Modify Queries

Joe Powers asked 7 years ago
Name: Joe Powers
Company: KH Industries
Product: SmartConnect
Product Version:
Subject: Real time maps from GP to CRM 2013 not triggering
I had to rebuild the SQL server. Since then the RT maps from GP to CRM are not working but the RT maps from CRM to GP are. The bulk maps are working and the connection validates but if I click on Datasource Modify there is a long wait and then this:

It looks like a permission issue on the SQL server possibly but I have uninstalled and reinstalled SmartConnect multiple times with the same result.

Joe Powers
Mark Anderson Staff replied 7 years ago

the user which is starting the SmartConnect web service needs to be a user on the SQL server.

Joe Powers replied 7 years ago

Yes, the Smartconnect web service app pool identity has a SQL Login, is sysadmin on the server, and is user mapped to the Smartconnect, Dynamics and company databases as db_owner with default schema of dbo. The maps are setup to run as the sa user.

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