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Unable to load odbcji32.dll

Susan asked 7 years ago
Trying to bring in an Excel 2010 map.  And after choosing ODBC and then Excel 2010 then pointing to sheet get he above error when I try to map .  Tried everything on the .net regarding the error.  This is on a terminal server and customer does not have Excel or Access installed they are using Office 365.  How can I get SmartConnect to recognize the Excel sheet.  On Smart Connect
Gave up and created it as a tab delimited file and it will upload.  But want to be able to bring in formatted excel sheets with distributions for A/P and need this to work.  Anyone run into this yet?  And how did you resolve.  Or will it not work without Office being installed? 
Brady Swenson answered 7 years ago
Can you run installation for the Office 2007 Drivers (see kb article) and let us know if this doesn’t resolve your issue?

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