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Unable to Install

Matt asked 9 years ago

I am setting up a new server (Windows Server 2008 R2 – 64bit), and installed a fresh install of SmartConnect (V2014.22, Version  Note, we already are using SmartConnect and have a SmartConnect Database on our existing SQL Server.

We are running GP 2010 Sp1.

Anyway, when i go through the install process, i select Client, select:

User Interface
GP 2010
eConnect for Microsoft Dynamics Gp 2010 64bit

This all installs Fine, however when i try to login, it fails to connect the SQL Server.
The server name is correct, and if i try from one of my other servers, it works fine.  Note, old current servers are 32bit, and this new server is 64bit?  Could this be an issue.

I am able to login to GP from the server i installed smartConnect on, also if i check in ODBC connections, i can see the GP link is here and it works correctly.

Have i installed the wrong version of SmartConnect?  Is there something else i need to configure?  Can i access any log files to know what the below error means?

"Could not log into the SQL Server"

Thanks for any suggestions/help that anyone can give.



Best Answer
Matt answered 9 years ago
I have resolved this, after looking in the Event Viewer, it told me the SmartConnect Login was not working, so i reset the password in SQL and now it works.



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