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Unable to import Extender List data

Mike66215 asked 10 years ago
I have a window with many List fields on it. I have tried about every possible way to import data into one of the list fields and nothing will get it to set. We have tried strings, numbers, strings with padding at the end, strings without padding at the end, nothing is what it wants. We have done SQL Traces and SQL Traces and it seems that eXtender doesn't think that it needs to set the value of these fields based on the data we are entering. What is the magic we are missing here?

GP 2013 12.00.1412
Best Answer
Nicole answered 10 years ago
I have tested this again on my install today and it uses the display values of the Extender field. For example, if your list is A, B, C, D, then in the import file, you would have listed the value C to import. Couple of things to note. 1. I have found that if I make sure I have put my cursor in the row after the data at some point so the data row isn’t the last one, it seems to work better when the doc is Excel. 2. It is best not to have any special formatting on the field. Mine is set to General.
Mike Scott replied 10 years ago

Funny thing is we were doing a CSV file and edited through notepad in the end and we still couldn’t get it to take it.

NIcole replied 10 years ago

If you use an xlsx file, are you able to get it to work? If not, what build of Extender are you using so that I can test it out.

Mike Scott replied 10 years ago

We moved to CSV because we couldn’t get excel to work. Our client is going to try SmartConnect since they already own it and will see if that works any better.

Nicole answered 10 years ago
SmartConnect should definitely work and will let you know if there is any data issues as well. The import in Extender is a very basic import. We rely on SmartConnect for more robust imports as it has the Extender nodes built into it.
Dave replied 9 years ago

I recently ran into the same issue.  We found that if your list is like this (in this order):


Alpha represents value 1 in your list, Bravo is value 2, Charlie 3, etc.
So in your Excel or CSV file just add a column with the corresponding values 1, 2, 3 etc., then import that instead of your actual text .


DC replied 9 years ago

When I try to import Extender List data usind Dave's suggestion, I get the error message "Procedure or function ExtenderGetListItemNumber has too many arguments specified"

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