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Unable to delete Map

Alejandro asked 3 years ago
I’m having an error when try to delete a Map in SmartConnect (2018.1.14): “Cannot delete the map, following error has ocurred: could not execute native bulk manipulation query:DELETE ProcessErrors WHERE MapId = ‘MAPNAME’ [SQL: DELETE ProcessErrors WHERE MapId = ‘MAPNAME’] “
Do you know how to solve this issue?
A. Lopez
Matt Stoffel replied 3 years ago

I am getting the same error – when trying on the admin menu, I get “Failed to Delete Map : Transaction not connected. or was disconnected

Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 3 years ago
If the standard delete process fails there is a another delete process that will force delete the map. 
Go to SmartConnect > Admin (Password is “SmartConnect”) > Delete map
David Mason replied 2 years ago

Even in Admin I can’t delete the map

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