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Unable to create saved connection in a SQL Command Task

Tom Hamill asked 4 years ago
I suspect I’m missing something very basic here…  When I create new SQL Command Task (for example, in Map Post Tasks or Document Task) I am only able to use a custom connection.  I am not able to save that connection for use in other tasks.  
Connection Field on the “Task: SQL Command” window defaults to custom connect.  There is an ellipsis (“…”) button next to the field, but nothing happens when I click it.
Is there a global setting that controls whether or not I can save a connection? What else could be preventing me from creating a saved connection?
Tom Hamill replied 4 years ago

I’m using SmartConnect version if that matters.

Patrick Roth Staff answered 4 years ago
You never can save a “custom connection”.  The drop list should always show “custom” and then whatever default connections you have created.
I can’t say that I’ve ever seen the window not open when you pressed the ellipsis buttons – that should give you the ability to make new permanent default connections on fly.
Otherwise from the main SC menu, choose Maintenance | MSSQL Defaults which takes you to the same window that other button does.
Create your default connection however you need it.
Then when using a MSSQL Command Task such as this, the new connection will show in that list to choose from.

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