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Type Incompatibility Error with Checkbox

jgriffin asked 8 years ago
I'm in the process of converting a very large eXtender app that was originally written in GP v10 up to GP 2013 R2. The app is heavily customized with GP scripts all throughout eXtender. I have found solutions or workarounds for just about everything with the exception of checkbox fields. I'm finding that if you attempt to use a checkbox field as a parameter anywhere in a GP script a 'Type Incompatibility' error is throw at runtime compile. 

GP Script – 
warning str(<Printed>);
At runtime this throws the following error:

Type incompatibility 'New Total'.
inout anonymous table EXT_Data_TEMP; 
local boolean i272=false;
local boolean o272=false;
warning str(o272);
if i272 <> o272 then 
  'Field ID' of table EXT_Data_TEMP = 272;
  'Line Item Sequence' of table EXT_Data_TEMP = 0;
  change table EXT_Data_TEMP; 
  if err(table EXT_Data_TEMP) = OKAY then 
    'New Total' of table EXT_Data_TEMP=o272;
    save table EXT_Data_TEMP; 
  end if; 
end if; 

It looks like the local variable is correct as a boolean, but there is no conversion being done at the table level for the temp table holding the current form data.

Anyone have any ideas or workarounds? Thanks!

Jim Griffin
AIM Technologies, Inc
patrick replied 8 years ago


I tested this on extender 12.0.0102 on GP 2013 SP2 (not R2).

in my extender window, I added a checkbox.

then I put an action on the checkbox itself to run a GP Script.

in the script, I did what you did

warning str();

t properly displays 1 and 0 depending.

So looks like i’m not having a problem on this issue.

I’d have to find a 103 build to test on R2 but I don’t believe there is a meaningful difference between the versions except for the security error that 103 fixes.

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