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Two Source CSV Folder Source

Frank Zuehlke asked 8 years ago
I have a couple operational systems that currently creates Receivable Transactions header & detail csv files we import to GP using Integration Manager, which I'm trying to migrate off of.  Those files are all stamped at the end with a date/time & database identifier (I.E. GPHEADER1406112209AA.csv / GPDETAIL1406112210AA.csv). 

Is there a method to creating a folder source import that will accept two sources (header/detail) to create an import that have different file names each day?
I ask as it would be easier for me to modify the method of import than to go back to the DB Admin's and ask them to change their process.
I've created the csv import in SC but it isn't feasible to use in production as each day's files have a different name.  The process of updating the links to the two source files daily is too complicated to do everyday.
I could ask the user to modify the files created from the OP systems & 'save over' the prior day's file but that takes a bit of modifiying that not all clerical level personnel are proficient at.

Any thoughts are appreciated.  FYI – I'm the super-user in Accounting and not a trained IT Professional.

Best Answer
Chris answered 8 years ago
There isn't a way that we could use a folder data source for 2 different file structures. That assumes that all the data is in one file layout – both header and detail.

To use multiple files where the data is split you have to use an ODBC connection so you can query the data from both at the same time. The part where it gets messy is with the differing file names.

You would need a pre-map script that could search for the files before the data source is run, and re-name each of them to what the map is expecting – that way it would always run using the same file names by the time the data source is queried.

We have done similar scripts in the past on the services team if that is something you are insterested in looking at further.


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