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Trying to add a GoTo on an inquiry screen for POs and cannot set field because it is locked message comes up

Nancy Cohen asked 5 years ago
I added a GoTo on Smartlist builder for Purchase Order Inquiry Zoom and received message that the field cannot be set because it is locked. The method seems to work for all the Transacion Entry screens I\’ve used with GoTo\’s but not inquiry screens. What can I do for a GoTo for things in history tables?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
You are trying to build your own Form goto – Trx Entry windows work because the fields are not disabled.  On an inquiry, they are.
You should use a built-in GoTo in SLB:
This one has an example of what you are looking for specifically:
Nancy Cohen replied 5 years ago

Hi Patrick, this is exactly what I was looking for thanks. I have implemented it however the wrong PO is being brought up or we are getting that the PO has been deleted message even though it has not. I have done the SQL trace but can’t tell what the logic is doing, looks like it is building up some temp table to pick the parameters from, which matches up with my query but still not sure why it is not sending the correct parameter value based on the row that was double clicked. Is this something you can help me with? Thanks

Patrick Roth Staff replied 5 years ago

SmartList knows the row you clicked on and it sends the “key” information to the handler in SLB for “this is the smartlist that is running and this is the keydata for that row”

SLB then takes that key data and then run the same smartlist query with the “where key1 = x , and key2 = y” etc to find each parameter for the goto.

if SLB is pulling up the wrong PO, that is because the keys selected on the primary table aren’t unique and so SLB finds the wrong row.

Sort of the same thing is you run the query:

select CUSTNMBR, ADRSCODE from RM00102 where CUSTNMBR = ‘AARONFIT0001’

this should return two records in fabrikam but since the goto can only use 1 record on the goto, it just takes the first I found since I don’t have “ADRSCODE” defined in my “where” clause

You’d have to go back and choose fields that are unique so that SLB can find the correct record to use the params to use to the goto on.

Nancy Cohen replied 5 years ago

I think I follow, so if I set my key for the smartlist better, I should get better results on the GoTo, that is what I’m thinking so I’ll try it.

Nancy Cohen replied 5 years ago

Got it to work, thanks, but had to rearrange how my table were brought in so virtually starting over and lost all favorites. Oh well at least I know how now, thanks.

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