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Troubleshooting GP Realtime Maps

bushman4 asked 10 years ago
OK, I decided to start a new thread so that the subject matches what I am trying to do here…

As a base, I have Dynamics GP 2010 and SmartConnect 2012 v.

I am trying to get a map with a GP Realtime source to do anything… End result is that I want it to run a stored procedure, but to troubleshoot, I made it far easier…

The map is on table "RM Customer MSTR" and is set for update for the Fabrikam sample company.

So as of right now I have a map that is a simple "Write to file" map.  The file destination is c:testtext.csv, which is writeable by everyone.

I set all of the "use log" options on for the map (Errors, Error Source Data, Successes, and XML) and turned on all of the debugging options as well.  In addition I selected to "Log Web Service Events."

When I issue an update to the table in questions through GP (like changing a customer name) I can see a whole bunch of activity in the SmartConnect database, but nothing else.  No logs anywhere, no output file, nothing.  it is almost like it is seeing that it needs to run a map because of the change, but is not able to somehow.

For further troubleshooting, I went into the map tasks and added a "Send Email" task to send me an email on success and another task to send me email on failure, and receive no email.

Where do I go next to troubleshoot this?  I really think that there is something fundamentally wrong with how something is set up, or the security that is required by some user account or another.

Thanks for the help,

David replied 10 years ago


Do you have the SmartConnect webservice installed and configured? 

Here is how the real time GP maps work. 

1. When you register the plugin it creates a Dexterity trigger on the specific table.  You need to exit GP and relaunch it for the trigger to take effect.  You also need to have the SmartConnect dictionary in the local Dynamics directory for the trigger to fire.  (Look for an entry for SMRTCONN.DIC in the Dynamics.set file)

2. When the trigger fires, it looks in the SmartConnect Setup table to find the location of the SmartConnect webservice.  It then converts the data to XML and submits it to the web service at this location.

3.  The machine where the webservice is installed receives the XML document, and in turn submits it to the eConnect runtime which is installed on the web service machine. 

4. The eConnect runtime then sends the data into GP. 

Since your map is sending the data to a file, it's actually going to create the file on the web service machine.  So look on the webservice machine for a c:testtext.csv file and see if it created it.  (Make sure there is a c:test directory on your web service machine, otherwise it won't write anything. 

So either the web service is not installed, or not configured in the SmartConnect setup, or it is actually running, it's just putting the file on the web service machine and not on the local machine where you are triggering the change. 



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