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trouble reading text file

Daniel asked 6 years ago
I trying to read a text file and I need to use a folder as the data source because the file will be a new name everyday.  The problem is that when I don’t use a schema, there is one field (policy number) where it is not reading the data correctly.  It is a mix between numbers and alpha char.  Some are all numbers and some are a combination of alphanumeric.  If I set it up to use a schema, the policy numbers come in fine but then all of my date fields disappear but if I don’t use the schema, the dates are fine…
1. is there a different way to do this?
2. Can SC (I have SC 2015) not delete the schema file every time and I can create a custom schema file that doesn’t change?
BTW, when it creates the schema files, the date field are listed as date but they come over as blank when previewing or importing data…
Thanks, Dan 
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 6 years ago
When you use a folder data source it doesn’t matter what the name of your source document is. The schema file will not be deleted, as it is tied to the template. 
Your date may not be in a format the ODBC driver can understand. You can set the schema to Char and then use an additional column, either Date Calculation or Calculated, in your destination to convert the date to the desired format.

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