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Transaction not connected, or was disconnected – SC can't connect to SQL Server

Eugene asked 3 years ago
We have encountered issue with our SmartConnect ( Up until one day ago everything was functioning normally, but now there 2 issues:
1) Windows eOne Smart Connect Service has stopped running and we are unable to restart it, so none of our scheduled maps are running.
2) SC UI can’t start up and the error message it is showing is “transaction not connected or was disconnected”.
Connectivity to SQL Server from SC machine seems fine (I was able to do basic ODBC connectivity test with no issues).
Can you please advise what could be the root cause and what should be checked?
I found this old thread about the same error on the forum but there is no any userful information in it:
Please advise.
Eugene answered 3 years ago
Just posting the answer for anyone who may run into the same issue.
 Apparently the root cause of the problem was SQL Server disk filling up with SC logs data which have not been cleaned up in a long time.
So I have followed the steps here to clean it up:

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