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Tracking row id from source file on Dynamics GP SOP map

Jim asked 5 years ago
I’ve got a sql source table that I’m using to import SOP transactions to Dynamics GP 2018.  The source table includes an integer primary key value for each row, in addition to document number, customer id, row number, etc.  There is also a boolean Processed flag on each row.  Currently I’ve got an update on docsuccess task that flips the processed flag on successful imports based on the document number.  
The only index on the source table is the primary key integer, and as that table has grown the update part of the map is taking longer and longer.  I’d like to see if there is a way to store the starting and ending primary key value for each document number so that the update statement could flip the processed flag based on the range of primary key values associated with a given document.
Any suggestions on how to approach this?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
A few different ways you could do this.
Easiest is just to keep track in an after document success task and keep track of the successful records in a custom global variable.
Then after the map is finished, update the table from that list of successful records.

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