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This driver has not been installed asked 10 years ago

Our client has created several maps in SmartConnect 2012, using a wide variety of data sources.

Now, when trying to create a map using any Excel data source, they get a "Data source name not found and no default driver specified".

Also, they get a SmartConnect error that says "This driver has not been installed" when they try to create a map with an ODBC connection to Excel.

They have used these data sources, before.  Why is this happening all of a sudden?  More importantly, what's the remedy, especially since Excel drivers are indeed installed on this box?

Best Answer
ken.hepworth answered 10 years ago
Hi John,

Could you just check whether they have installed the 32-bit or 64-bit driver? If it is the 64-bit driver this is why they will get this error and they will need to install the 32-bit driver instead.

Ken replied 10 years ago

Hi There, Ken:

Thanks, for your prompt reply!  I have had a very crazy/busy day and have not had the chance to update the Forum.

Yes, this worked perfectly!  This AM, we had put in a support request and this was the successful resolution!  🙂

Thanks, again!

John replied 10 years ago

so where does one get the 32 bit driver to install.  i have a client with the same problem.
Do i need to load on each workstation and the server or jst the workstations

Lorren Zemke Staff replied 7 years ago


You can download the 32-bit Access ODBC Drivers as well., which are basically the JET database drivers used by excel as well.


Lorren Zemke Staff replied 7 years ago

Sorry, they need to be installed on any machine where you want to read data from excel with SmartConnect.

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