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there was an error writing to the pipe unrecognized error 232 (0xe8)

Steve asked 5 years ago
Hi there,
At two of our client sites (completely unrelated and quite different in configuration) the following issue is noted:
Excel sheet is prepared with data and attempt to run the map is made. The above error comes up. The users then go back to the data source, simply re-confirm the sheet to be used (no other changes!) , then try to run the map: the second time around it runs just fine!
This is a real mistery for us. The timeout as suggested elsewhere on these and other forums is set to infinite.
Any ideas how to trace/troubleshoot this?
Thank you in advance,
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
Either you modified the eConnect config file incorrectly, modified the config file on the wrong machine, or perhaps just didn’t restart eConnect after you made the changes.
As you note, there are a lot of web posts on this error and the solution is 100% what they suggest and what I suggest in my own post.
Make sure you adjust the eConnect config file on the machine that is running the eConnect.  So if your “Excel sheet” in the example is using the smartconnect web service to run the map – then you want to adjust eConnect on the web server since that is where the map/econnect is executing.

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