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The column name is specified more than once in the SET clause or column list of an INSERT

Jae asked 3 years ago
I’m receiving the above error message when attempting to import into a SQL table from a csv file. I’ve gone through the file to ensure the header is only listed once as the first row. The data having the correct amount of commas without any apostrophes or oddities in the data.
I’ve removed my data to only 10 rows so I can try to troubleshoot it but still cannot figure out why I’m receiving the error stating that I cannot assign more than one value in the same clause.
Any help with this would be great appreciated….thank you.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 3 years ago
It’s always a good idea to put your version of SC on a post – especially if you are running into something weird.
The error sounded vaguely familiar and I dimly remember there being a SC 2014 bug with a SQL table destination that would give you this error.
The issue is that if the Key Fields of the map would include multiple lines as a “document”, SC would create the first insert statement correctly but the following lines it would not which produces this error.
The workaround on SC 2014 was to make sure that the Key Fields produced only one line of data per transaction.
Or better yet, update SmartConnect as this was fixed in SC 2015 or SC 2016 at the latest.
Jae answered 3 years ago
Hi Patrick,
It is on version How would you make sure that the key fields only produce one line per transaction? When I have only one row in my csv file, the integration does run successfully and shows in my SQL table.
I will try to schedule for an upgrade for Smartconnect but that will take a little bit of time as there are several users.

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