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Tentantbase Table Issue

Mick asked 6 years ago
We created a Stored Procedure in the Dynamics Database and setup the Node to the Dynamics Database.
The Map has ran well for over 12 months, but recently the users started receiving an error that the stored proc didn’t exist.
This was traced to the stored proc trying to run against the first company database listed in SQL, i.e A001.
On investigation we found the Smartconnect TenantBase table had all the company databases for the user and map listed, and the Selected column marked 1 foe the A001 and Dynamics databases.
Manually updating the table fixed the problem.
What we don’t understand is how the flag could have got set to 1, as there doesn’t appear to be a manual way to set this flag.
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 6 years ago
On the Stored procedure destination there is a databases button. Any user who can edit the map can change the database(s) that will actually be used for the integration or make it more dynamic.
Mick replied 6 years ago

In this case we set the stored procedure up as a DYNAMICS Node, and not a direct connection to the stored procedure.
Using this setup option the Node doesn’t have the Company selection like a Company Node.


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